Junk Food Causes Obesity In The United States

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Task 1: Chosen area:
In United States, obesity has increased tremendously among children and the obese children are tending to become obese adults. Therefore, the chosen area for this assessment is “Junk food causes obesity in the United States”.

Reason for choosing this area
In most nations obesity has become very serious problem in public’s health. It is linked with various long-term health problems such as heart disease, fatty liver, diabetes,
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In the USA, obesity has become a major health issue which can be determined through various research and surveys. From the data analysis by several researchers, it was analysed that from the year 1985 to 2002, the US per capita calorie consumption was increased by more than 300 kilocalories among the overall population. Over the past decade, the numbers have enlarged (Mandal, 2017). People normally prefer having a food depending on cultural, environmental, behavioural and socioeconomic impacts that determine the composition of a body and its weight. The difference between the quantity of energy taken from the habit of drinking and eating as well as the quantity of energy spent on physical activity and absorption or digestion has an outcome of obesity. It is mostly seen in the children that their energy has been spending in the phase of growth and development. In the US, fast foods include higher calories, sugar, fat, saturated/ trans-fat, sodium and simple carbohydrates (Young and Nestle, 2003). The outcome of fast food is towards the increase in body mass index, lack of body maintenance and continuous gain in weight. Many people in US are facing problem as fast foods decrease the value of diet and give an unhealthy option more…show more content…
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