Junk Food Effects

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Every year a lot of people die because of the side effects of eating fast food. Junk food is surely tasty, affordable, easy, and reachable and it comes in convenient, ready-to- use packaging. Nevertheless, there are a few health conditions that can take place because of eating junk food, such as weight gain and cardiovascular problems, tooth decay and increase of stroke risks, in addition to gastrointestinal problems. All of that as a result of high sugar contents, fats, calories and low nutrients junk food provides. Junk food may not be the healthiest decision someone could be making. Firstly, eating junk food can lead to serious health problems such as weight gain and cardiovascular diseases. Because junk food is high in calories and contains fats and sugars, it may cause you to increase your weight quickly. For example, if you eat just one ounce of potato chips, you will get 154 calories. Then, if you overeat them, you are at increased risks of developing cardiovascular problems, high blood pressure, and type two diabetes, elevated cholesterol according to the Heart, Lungs, and Blood Institute of the United States. People have to know that junk food is comprised mostly of calories which means that most of their calories come from added sugars and fats; therefore, they contain low nutrients, very few vitamins, minerals and fiber, so the lack of those nutrients cause nutritional deficiency over time and that intensifies the risks of being attacked by cardiovascular issues

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