Junk Food Persuasive Speech

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Wang 1 Tori Wang Mrs. Lynne Macias Eng IV 2 February 2018 Topic: Junk food Purpose: To convince listener that eating junk food can cause negative impacts on health Audience: Southern-Adventist university students I. Introduction A. Attention-getter 1. I will walk into the classroom with a cup of instant ramen noodles in my hands. (pathos) 2. (Ethos:) As a witness of dorm students from my old school, I saw my friend suffered weight gain, health issues and concentration troubles from eating junk food. B. Thesis statement: College students should eat less junk food to avoid lack of nutritions, health issues and addiction. . Wang 1 Tori Wang Mrs. Lynne Macias Eng IV 13 February 2018 Body (Mainly Logos) II. Eating junk food on a…show more content…
Summary of how junk food can cause negative impact on college students while they choose saving money over than eating healthy from the article of “Ramen Noodles” (Mike). B. Ingredients in junk food can cause metabolic acidosis problems which can lead to heart diseases. 1. By speaking to health experts Krupa Mhatre, Glynda Alves declares that the one of the ingredient contains in junk food, MSG (for the purpose of longer expiration date) can also cause metabolic acidosis problems (Glynda). 2. Susan Bird also warns that metabolic acidosis problems by eating junk food can cause serious heart diseases (Bird). IV. Eating junk food on a regular base can cause addiction. A. People who has an unhealthy diet feel it is hard to stop eating junk food . 1. According to research from the University of Adelaide, it shows that mothers who eat junk food while their pregnancies will program their babies to be addicted to an unhealthy diet (Women). 2. Dr Muhlhausler form University of Adelaide shares that the “good” feeling produced by eating junk food is also one of the factor that cause addiction, and it can lead you to obesity later on. V.
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