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Junk foods are high in calories, low nutrition fats. Surplus consumption of junk foods would guide increase to large mixture of health disorders. To examine patterns of about junk food consumption of junk food of children, their ingredients, nutritive significance and their impact on children health.
Design: Data were drawn as of consumption and action in child, a population-based
s. Setting: children from 5 middle and high schools and household in Delhi
Surveys Participants: A total of 300 children in results age of group 3–15.
Variables Measured: region, Type of foods adds, Household Income, Parents education,
Media, Eat at restaurant, Favourite foods, House hold situation, Obesity, primary
Hypertension, diabetics and cardiovascular.
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Dr. Sapna Johnson Mr. Ramakant Sahu Ms. Poornima Saxena (2012) found that the study specify so as to junk food high eating of chemicals is connected with contain high levels of sugars, salt and trans fats. far above the ground Consumption of a packet of immediate noodles, so, will wrap concerning part of the daily salt quota. Salt content was not certain via companies on the sticky label. There should an all India achievement plan to decrease salt in diets and junk food companies have to be asked to sticky label salt amount of their package. Related foods potato chips French fries, noodles etc. Grunseit AC, Hardy LL, King L, Rangan A (2012) found that Junk foods guide for Children and Adolescents. Bodily action Nutrition Obesity. Shanthy A. Bowman, PhD*; Steven L. Gortmaker, PhD‡; Cara B. Ebbeling, PhD§; Mark A. Pereira, PhD§; and David S. Ludwig, MD, in his study found that (2004 ) fast-food intake harmfully affects nutritional factors related to obesity danger Fast food has become a famous characteristic of the go on a diet of children in the United States and, more and more, all through the world. But, not many studies have examined the special effects of fast-food intake on several nutrition or health-linked result. Ashakiran1* & Deepthi 2012 investigated .have healthy and be alive fit. way of life changes has bound us consequently a great deal so as…show more content…
Research Gap Going on the basis of literature survey it has been gotten so as to a lot of effort has been done on the junk foods consumption of children and healthcare indicators on socioeconomic variables (such the same as: parents education ,age of children, type of family, awareness etc). Still the marks demonstrate the poor understanding of the children health and junk food nutritional facts related issues in India, especially of urban area. It is as well reviewed so as to the investigate on the basis of health statues and region is required including type of family and media use , supervision ability of parents for children and health statues , rate of junk food consumption factor , and elasticity for children of influence choices for junk foods . 4. Objectives The most important objective of this paper is to search The reasons why around impact about junk foods consumption and what is is the impact over children health To study about the health Growing Problem of children. To study about the impact of socioeconomic variables (region Type of foods adds Household Income Parent‟s education. media Eat at restaurant Favourite foods House hold situation etc.) on consumption of junk foods. 5. Hypotheses A) (H0) That is no significant impact of socioeconomic variables (the same as region type of foods adds parent‟s work parent‟s education. media eat at restaurant favourite foods House hold situation etc.) at consumption of foods. (H1) That is significant impact of

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