Junk Food Should Be Banned Essay

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According to research, in 2016 over 1.9 billion over the age 18, 340 million in between the age of five and seventeen, and 41 million children under five years old were considered overweight or obese. The main reason being junk food. The talk about junk food has been around for a very long time. If you look at Debate.Org, you will see many good and bad statements about junk food. Granted many people would want to keep junk food, but I hope to convince some of why we should ban junk food. With much research, I have organized facts and reasons about this topic. As said in the beginning paragraph, most people are obese due the cause of junk food. Obesity can and may cause many terrible things, such as bullying; being compared to other people; increased risk of major diseases; could lead to having an eating disorder; could cause death; high blood pressure…show more content…
Still it’s not all the time these things are caused by junk food, though it can still happen. Also, not everyone eat too much junk food. According to Time Magazine 34% of children ages 12-19 eat junk food everyday. It’s not as much as some people would think it to be. Though, some of these kids are most likely setting up for a terrible health life. Yes, some would be able to break out of the habit of junk food. Some can’t. Junk food doesn’t only have a negative effect on people’s physical body, but also people’s mental state. One day they might have all the confidence in the world, the next they might have doubts if their body is good enough for society. And maybe junk food did make them obese to think that, but even some people are obese because of other reasons they can’t control. Still, it’d be better to be healthy than eating junk food because it won’t cause all the other hazardous effects junk food could cause. The reasons to take away junk food is because it can cause obesity, artery blockage, and decrease the strength in

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