Fast Food: Harmful Effects On Children

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Fast Food Noura Adel Al Bader Gust University for Science and Technology Each day one in four Americans visit a fast food restaurant. If you regularly eat fast food it will diminish your health and all consumers should be more aware of that. Every fast food restaurant should put a sign that shows the harmful effect it has on the wellbeing of a human being. Taking care of what you eat should be part of your lifestyle. Fast food advertisements should be strictly controlled, consuming it leads to many diseases that will weaken your health, and it also affects the development of children. Have you ever thought that TV can be dangerous to your wellbeing? This can actually be, when you think about what you're watching…show more content…
Junk food and foods with excessive sugar content reduce energy levels and the ability to focus for a long period of time. Energy and focus are very crucial for children during their school and studying periods. Children set the basis for lifetime habits in their childhood, consuming junk food especially harmful to their development. Physical activity is also essential for children of all ages, and regularly eating junk food does not provide the necessary nutrients children need for enough energy to participate in physical activity. An absence of physical activity is harmful to physical and mental well-being and may also eliminate a child from important social growth (Fleck,…show more content…
People should raise awareness of all the negative effects fast food has on humans. You should take care of your body and not harm it by consuming fast food. The drastic increase of fast food consumption today is extremely shocking and disturbing. Advertisements that help sell fast food should be carefully monitored, the consequences of consuming fast food are very damaging to the health, and also has a negative influence on the growth of children. References Bahadroan, Z., & Mirmiran, P. (2013). Fast food consumption and the risk of metabolic syndrome after 3-years of follow-up. European Journal Of Clinical Nutrition, 67, 1303-1309. Dhar, T., & Baylis, K. (2011). Fast-Food Consumption and the Ban on Advertising Targeting Children. Journal of Marketing Research, XLVIII(October 2011), 799-813. Muntel, S. (2011, April 20). Obesity Action Coalition » Fast Food – Is it the Enemy? Retrieved February 8, 2015, from Smith, M. (2014, December 1). Healthy Fast Food. Retrieved February 8, 2015, from Taylor, J. (2012, January 11). Are Fast-Food Advertisers Playing You? Retrieved February 8, 2015, from

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