Junie Moon And The Gold Fish Analysis

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Chap 1 JUNIE MOON AND THE TRAVELING GOLD FISH BY HELEN PENDLETON My name is Junie Moon and I am a gold fish, named by my owner , 4 year old Melissa Rodgers. She liked the name and would not budge when she was told to change it. I really like Melissa. Then name is kind of hot and definitely tells me I am no ordinary gold fish which is true. And because of that this is my tale. It started off one early Saturday morning, when a bunch of us Gold fish decided to take a tour Of the old stream in the back of our house on Morningglory road. I love the name of the street as well. Old Bessie, that’s what we gold fish call the old Golden Retriever next door. He’s a nice old dog, wouldn’t hurt a fly but I would not get near his mouth, just in case. My tale…show more content…
They also went to Lincoln Park Zoo where Junie wanted to stop and go in but Petunia Said no she didn’t want to become an inmate at the zoo so they just kept going and Site seed from the bus. CHAPTER 4 JUNIE MOON AND THE GOLD FISH TRAVEL TO THE WINDY CITY BY HELEN PENDLETON We hadn’t been home from Woodstock very long before Petunia got the urge to travel again. I have never been to the Windy City (Chicago) so that’s where I want to go. How will we get there I asked Petunia? Ill think of something, she said. Not too much longer after that she did indeed spot something, an old bus that we could use to get us to the windy city. It was an old school bus to be exact, and it ran. So ALL ABOARD for Chicago and the Windy City. When we got there we did mostly site seeing, after all we had a bus and we could go anywhere We wanted in it. When we got there first stop for Petunia and Junie Moon was Wrigley Field, since we are both Baseball fans. It’s the home of the Chicago Cubs, but was empty because no one was playing that day. It was built in 1914 as Weeghman Park for the Chicago Federal League baseball team.
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