Junot Diaz Character Analysis

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Diaz use of characterization serves as a pillar to support the reader's understanding of greater themes. The characters represent many themes that contribute to the reader’s understanding of not only the characters society but the world that we live in today. Oscar is characterized as a “ghetto nerd” based on his fervor for science fiction books and movies. His passionate nature is evident as he is passionate about girls and his family as much as he loves his comics. When he comes across girls of interest, within moments he confesses his love for her, despite the common repulsive reaction to his awkward socializing skills and what is often viewed as an unattractive appearance.Lola on the other hand, is characterized to be a rebellious, free-spirited and independent teenager. Unlike Oscar, she does not struggle to find romance and has several romantic relationships that coincide with many steps in her journey to solidify her identity. Despite the personality
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As readers we are first exposed to Oscar’s struggles to find romance in order to authenticate himself as a Dominican male. In his eyes as well as the community around him, finding love and romance stands to be a right of passage that is achieved at a young age. This is suppose to be easily accomplished by being handsome, confident and romantic.Oscar struggles to fulfill the expectations of fitting the ideal Dominican man because of his obesity, nerdiness and lack confidence in the presence of women. As a result of this, not only does Oscar struggle with love but he struggles with his identity in respect to the expectations of society. This is often shown by the countless times people in his community telling him that he is not Dominican despite his ties to the culture such as the fact that he does speak

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