Junot Diaz How To Date A Brown Girl Analysis

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SUMMARY In the short story, “How to Date a Browngirl, Blackgirl, Whitegirl, or Halfie”, author Junot Diaz uses the stereotypes of different races and social classes to teach the audience how to date young women. The main character is portrayed as a cocky, hispanic youth, who creates many different scenarios in his head about dating girls from different racial backgrounds. He then proceeds to comprehensively walk through the different steps of how to seduce a girl, explaining each step as if dating was a mathematical process. In the beginning of the story, he begins with describing how he would act or behave upon having different dates. For instance, he would embarrassing things in his home, depending on who he was inviting over. He also advises…show more content…
It was hilarious, true (in some cases) and eye opening. It can be seen that in dating, race is something that is taken into account, as noted throughout the character 's dating extravaganza. Not only are the women stereotyped, but the young male narrator and his friends as well. It can be seen that Diaz uses his prior knowledge to create, develop and expand his character. With the help of logic and personal experience to create this semi self-guide on dating, the author shed light on how social classes can change the way people think and even act. I believe that this topic is super important in today’s world, especially when there is racial insulair intolerance and ignorance. However, the author did not change my view in any way. I do not feel that judging someone based on their race is necessarily a bad thing, unless you are accusing them of a crime or an illegal activity. Someone of the story upes Diaz mentioned is true, but not for all cases. Overall, people will continue to think of certain races in specific lights, so it is not something that will change in the near future. ” In actuality, the guidebook that the author makes is used to illustrate that if a person wants a real connection in the dating world, or just in general, it doesn 't come from acting a certain way to please. It came from being true to
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