Junot Diaz The Cruel Country Analysis

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Inspiration from Mothers Do you know how many immigrants from third world countries become successful writers? I am not sure of that answer, but there are two immigrant authors Junot Diaz and Judith Ortiz Cofer, who wrote “The Dreamer” and “The Cruel Country” that have similar backgrounds and who are inspired by their mothers. Diaz is moved by the courage of a third world little girls dream of her education and Cofer searches for inspiration of her mother’s photo that reveals passionate desires and dreams. Diaz described his mother’s dream was to earn her education and become a Nurse whereas Cofer’s mother dreamed to live life on her own terms. Comparing these two essays both authors describe their mothers and how they touched their lives as writers. Although Diaz and Cofer’s inspiration is very different on how they write, I believe there true love for their mothers is the same. As immigrants from third world countries, both authors have earned degrees and a high status in the writing community. Diaz, Dominican Republic-born, New Jersey raised, whereas Cofer, Pertio Rico-born, New Jersey raised. Diaz has earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from Rutgers University and Master of Fine Arts from Cornell University. Cofer earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from Augusta College and Master of Fine…show more content…
Her childhood upbringing was difficult and drove him to overcome his own struggles. He used this example of courage to inspire him when he has trouble with his art. In the essay “The Cruel Country”, Cofer describes her mother in a photograph and how it moves her so much. She explains how the photo caught her mother in between emotions of smiling or crying. Cofer is inspired by this photo while she writes to achieve this emotion of her mother in the photo. Both authors are wonderful writers, but one is fueled by an act of courage and one is fueled by a feeling of
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