Similarities Between Inheritance Cycle Books And Jurassic Park

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There would obviously be similarities between two Inheritance Cycle books, authored by Christopher Paolini; but who would think that there would be a correlation between the Inheritance Cycle books and Jurassic Park, which was written by Michael Crichton. Redemption and revenge, struggle for power and control, and good vs. evil (man vs. man) are just some of the themes brought to the table with these books. There are glaringly obvious similarities between Brisingr and Inheritance, because they are by the same author and they are from the same series. They generally follow the same storyline, just different events. In Jurassic Park, the struggle for power and control was one of the themes that Patrick noticed. The scientists struggle for…show more content…
First of all, they are two completely different genres. Jurassic Park is science-fiction, and the Inheritance books are fantasy and adventure. Secondly, Jurassic Park is more realistic, using creatures that did actually exist, placing some of the book in real-world places, and using human characters only, even though the cloning of dinosaurs is still a little bit of a stretch to our modern-day sciences. Inheritance is purely fictional. He does use human characters, but everything else is fabricated. The whole book is imagined and pieced together by the author himself. My last difference is that the main plots of the story are almost polar opposites. Jurassic Park, after the introduction of characters and such things like that, quickly turns into purely a story of survival. The characters are stranded on the island, due to a storm, with a bunch of genetically produced giant lizards. Some of the dinosaurs are small, but even those can be deadly. Then there are the two worst kinds of dinosaur that the characters have to deal with. The velociraptors and the tyrannosaurus. The raptors are lean, mean, killing machines that have an extraordinary level of intelligence by the standards of dinosaurs. The tyrannosaurus is simply a gigantic monster that will kill just about anything on sight. As I mentioned before, the book plainly becomes a survival book. Characters are slowly killed off as the other
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