Jurassic Park: Movie Analysis

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The movie Jurassic Park became an international sensation when it was released in 1993. It changed the cinematic art of storytelling. It was widely recognized as a high watermark in computer graphics (Timeline, 2015). The reason for these accolades was the extensive computer-generated imagery (CGI) that was used throughout the movie. Before Jurassic Park, CGI was used but not to this extreme that director Steven Spielberg demanded.
• 1985: Young Sherlock Holmes - Stain Glass Man, first completely CGI character.
• 1988: Willow – Morf Software, transform one image into another different image.
• 1989: Abyss – Pseudopod (Water Tendril), first soft-surface CGI character 3D fluid-based character.
• 1991: Terminator II – T-1000, first CGI main character.
• 1992: Death Becomes
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The CGI river consisted of thousands of gallons of digital water (Features, 2015).
The Battle of the Five Armies In this movie new software was developed to handle the immense scale of the CGI effects that were needed. The program Odin was developed to create Smaug’s fiery breath. The program Army Manager was developed to manage the extremely large troop movements that were used in this movie. The CGI armies in the movie consisted of large numbers of characters; 30,000 orcs, thousands of elves, humans, and dwarves. This movie also used the environments and CGI effect from the other two movies (Features, 2015).
Since the making of Jurassic Park many other CGI companies like Weta Digital have started creating CGI effects and developing new and innovative CGI software. Jurassic Park paved the way for Weta Digital and other companies to create fantastic and unimaginable CGI effect for movies, TV programs, and many other media outlets. CGI effect will continue to be innovative and we should all look forward for what is to come in the near
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