Jurassic Park Michael Crichton Character Analysis

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John Hammond and the truth
Humans have the tendency to make decisions that seem wonderful, or beneficial to them in their minds, until it is actually put into practice or becomes a reality. In the novel Jurassic Park, by Michael Crichton, it displays a lesson learned by a specific character in the book. John Hammond, discovers a way to resurrect the dead so to speak. He did this by extracting DNA from a mosquito and used the DNA sequence to create the land ruling dinosaurs that walked the earth six million years ago. This character learned a distinct truth about his dangerous decision to bring back the pre-historic dinosaurs to the twenty first century, without knowing how keep the safety of the people have control over the dinosaurs.
The novel Jurassic Park teaches the character named John Hammond, a life changing decision that involved the extinct dinosaur creatures. He thought that
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He didn’t think about the safety of the people while visiting the park and how to control the dinosaurs, while tourist and visitors are in the park. For instance, “the huge head came down, entirely blocking the shattered windshield. The tyrannosaur banged again on the front hood of the Land Cruiser. Tim grabbed the seat as the car rocked on its wheels. The tyrannosaur banged down twice more, denting the metal.”(Pg. 100-101) John Hammond seemed to forget the violent nature of the dinosaurs and how they are more hostile than other animals in their day. Not taking into consideration the hostile nature of the dinosaurs, he made the situation even more dangerous, by not knowing how to deal with the dinosaurs when they get out of control and began killing people at the park. The dinosaurs didn’t care what environment they were in. Their original predatory behavior from 6 million years ago continues regardless in which time period they find
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