Jurassic Park Phenotypes

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This article stood out to me because I used to want to be a Paleontologist and I am also a big fan of the Jurassic Park movies. This article takes a look at the Velociraptor and the genetic makeup as well as phenotypes that it displays. A recent discovery showed that the real Velociraptor was a lapdog-sized predator covered in feathers. In Jurassic park the velociraptors are shown as raptors that are bigger than humans and have a rough scaly skin. If you look at the arm bones of Velociraptor you can see a row of bumps, identical in size and shape to the quill knobs of living birds: the anchor points for big wing feathers...” These are very similar structures found on both birds. It is not for certain what these feathers would have looked…show more content…
“Its gorgeous chocolate-coloured skeleton was found by a farmer in 125-million-year-old rocks that were laid down in a quiet lake buried by volcanic ash.” The pictures and prints of the “Zhenyuanlong” were have said to be in perfect condition and the way they were preserved were very delicate. When looking at the “Zhenyuanlong” it is covered in feathers. Simple hairy filaments coat much of the body, larger veined feathers stick out from the tail, and big quill-pen-feathers line the arms, layered over each other to form a wing.” Some paleontologists would say that if this bird were alive today then you would think it was just a larger version of a turkey or even a vulture. When I went to see Jurassic Park the velociraptors were not made to look like this. These are really cool dinosaurs because they are quick and stand upright and can be pretty tall. In the movie they look horrifying and like creatures that can cut skin just by rubbing their back against you, and can eat you alive with one bite. Dinosaurs such as the “Zhenyuanlong” and the velociraptor are some of the closest relatives to birds. They are very fast, very smart for their species, and also feathered. This discovery of the new dinosaur is similar to birds however the main different to spot out is
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