Jurassic World Summary

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Jurassic World (2015) Summary Jurassic World is a new dinosaur theme park after the Jurassic Park incident twenty-two years ago. The park has become popular family-oriented resort under The Masrani Global Corporation. During the holiday, two young brothers, Zach and Gray Mitchell visit Jurassic World to see their beloved aunt, Claire Dearing. She is the operation manager of the theme park and was too busy to entertain her nephew. She had assigned her assistant to be with them. Disappointed with their aunt, the brothers slipped off Claire’s assistance and explore the resort on their own. The park created a new hybrid dinosaur, Indominus Rex, as a new attraction for the park. Owen Grady, who studied on the dinosaur’s behavior, had been invited…show more content…
Capitol forces all twelve districts to provide a teenage boy and girl aged between 12-18 years old to the annually held Hunger Games. This games as a punishment for a past failed rebellion. The Hunger Games is shown on television and be watched by all districts. The participants for the games were called as “Tribute”, they must complete and kill with each other tributes until only one left and be the winner. In District 12, Primrose was chosen as girl tribute but her sister, Katniss Everdeen, volunteered to replace her. Peeta Mellark was chosen as boy tribute. They were then escorted by the mentor, Haymitch, to the Capitol for training as a preparation for the games. Haymitch emphasized that they must impress the citizen of the Capitol so that they will provide supplies during the games. As the games started, Katniss was almost killed during her attempt to grab supplies of food and weapons. At the end of the first day, more than half of tributes were killed. She was then forced to climb on a tree to save herself from being killed by other tributes. Rue, District 11 young girl tribute was also hiding on adjacent tree. Rue told Katniss to drop nearby beehive to disperse those tributes that waiting under the tree, wanting to kill her. Katniss was stung but recovered from the help of Rue. They become friend and plotted to destroy the supplies that were kept by a group of tributes. They succeeded but Rue was afterward killed. Riot happened at District
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