Jurgis In The Cinderella Man

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The Jungle is a book about a Lithuanian man that struggles to keep his family alive in Chicago. Cinderella Man is about a New Jersey man that struggles to keep his family alive. Both characters have similar traits. Jurgis and James Braddock are in similar situations, and have to fight to survive, and keep their family alive. Jurgis is a Lithuanian man that comes with his family to Chicago to live a better life. Jurgis is described as, “he is tall, has giant hands, mighty shoulders, and black eyes” (Pg. 8). James Braddock is a New Jersey native that boxes for a living. He is six-foot two, one hundred and eighty pounds, and has a trim physique. Both of these men are physically fit, strong, and seem to believe in working hard to succeed. These…show more content…
8). James Braddock is calmer but still all about his family, as he wins fights and is a celebrity. Jurgis is angry, disappointed, and distraught on page 209. He is not able to support his family, which makes him upset. While James starts to lose fights, and is struggling to find work because of his broken hand. With Ona dead, Jurgis is on his own and only has to worry about himself (Page 189). Which allows him to experience may things, good and bad.
These men have families, who are important to them. Jurgis is married to Ona (Pg. 8) and has others to feed. While James has his wife and three children. Jurgis and his family are hungry on page 120. James’ family is too. Both of these men have one job, to put food on the table. They both struggle to do so for a long time due to different expenses, and not being able to hold a job for a long period. Even though they were both crippled for an amount of time, they overcame the adversity.
Jurgis and James Braddock are very similar characters, that had to go through nearly the same situations. They fought hard to keep food on the table. James worked with a broken hand, and Jurgis tried to work with a broken ankle. These two characters were tough individuals. These men worked hard to get what they needed in life, and they both succeed in the
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