Jurgis Rudkus Character Analysis

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Analyzation of Jurgis Rudkus Indeed, characterization in literature is a crucial matter, bringing even more depth and purpose. The Jungle by Upton Sinclair discusses the corruption of the meat-packing industry, specifically focusing on a man with a Lithuanian family. The book discusses the life of Jurgis Rudkus, during which he completely evolves as a man. With characterization Sinclair brought this book to life, and began a revolution in the meat-packing industry. Jurgis Rudkus’ personality and attitude go through major changes as he goes through all of the hardships he experiences. This makes him both a major and dynamic character. Major, because most of the events in the book are revolved around him specifically. Dynamic, because of…show more content…
For instance, in the beginning of The Jungle, Jurgis is very much the hard-working “manly” man, but a moment of weakness is seen during his wedding ceremony. “Jurgis could take up a two-hundred-and-fifty-pound quarter of beef and carry it into a car without a stagger, or even a thought; and now he stood in a far corner, frightened as a hunted animal, and obliged to moisten his lips with his tongue each time before he could answer the congratulations of his friends” (Sinclair 8). Jurgis, the typical strong man, shows a sense of sensitivity because of his wedding. This sensitivity is seen throughout the entire book, mainly as Sinclair writes the story of Jurgis’ son Antanas and his wife, which plays part in the aspect that he is driven by his family. He does everything, and anything that could bring a better life to his family. By way of example, Jurgis’ actions after Ona reveals that she has been raped. “To Jurgis this man’s whole presence reeked of the crime he had committed; […] Jurgis was so bent upon his task that he knew nothing of this, and scarcely realized that people were trying to interfere with him; […] In a flash, he had bent down and sunk his teeth into the man’s cheek; […]” (Sinclair 153). Jurgis sees no consequence when it comes to protecting the ones that he loves, this greatly contributes to his overall credibility as a complex character, with many different characteristics. Jurgis’ “roundness” packs on to the significance of Sinclair’s The Jungle. Characterization is what makes a character believable, Jurgis Rudkus is a perfect example. He is a major, dynamic, and round character that brings a sense of reality to The Jungle. With all of the circumstances that he is put under he molds into a new man, making an already revolutionary tale even
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