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Jurisdiction implies having a legal right over something. A court can have jurisdiction over a legitimate inquiry, a government can have jurisdiction over another country or territory. The territorial principle is derived from the concept of State sovereignty . It implies that a State has the essential locale over all occasions occurring in its territory regardless of the nationality of the person responsible. It is the dominant ground of jurisdiction in International Law. Every state must respect the supremacy of the State over its territory, and subsequently should not interfere neither in its internal affairs nor in its territorial jurisdiction.
Basically, it can be stated that the territorial principle, particularly in its traditional
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For example, the Indonesia can adopt a statute that makes it a crime for anyone to commit an act of murder within its borders and the subjective aspect of the territorial principle would recognize the power of the United Kingdom to enact such a statue. For the real example case, the murder case in Los Angeles in 1994 by Harnoko Dewantoro or Oki (an Indonesian citizen). The victims of the murder committed by Oki are two Indonesians (Gina and Eri), and one India citizens (Suresh) in Long Angeles 1994. This case raises jurisdictional competition between the two countries. The US claims and asserts jurisdiction based on the principle territoriality (territorial jurisdiction) for the scene, evidence, evidence, including the victims of the case and within the United States (Los Angeles). While Indonesia also claims and assert jurisdiction based on the principle of personality for offenders in the US is a citizen of Indonesia (active nationality principle) and the victims are also nationals (passive nationality principle). Besides the principle of personality, then the claim and statement of Indonesian jurisdiction over murder case in the US is also based on the principle territoriality because the perpetrators had already entered into Indonesian territory before the case was…show more content…
The Internet and the wave of cybercrime, which the Internet has fostered, have made the objective aspect of the territorial principle increasingly important nowadays.
Objective territorial principle first appeared in the Lotus Cases, where the French ship crashed into the Turkish ship which resulted Turkish ship sinks. Turkey claims to have jurisdiction over the French ship for losses caused by ships (region extrateritorial) France.
For the real example case is Dimitar Nikolov (Bulgaria citizen) who stole money 24 Billion Rupiah through ATM in Bali 2015. The suspected doubled the ATM card and theft of customer data through skimming tool as well as the ATM pin of the owners. Furthermore, Nikolov installing a skimmer on an ATM machine to record customer data and installing surveillance cameras to determine customer pin. This case was reported when one of the victims from Serbia reported the incident to the Indonesian police. By the Indonesian police, the report forwarded to the European police so that the perpetrators immediately hunted down and brought to justice. Even though the target of Nikolov are Serbs (Serbian citizen), but he was doing the action in the area of Indonesia. The Head of Indonesian Police (Kabareskrim) Komjen

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