Juror 8 Character Analysis

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A group of juror comprising of 12 men from diverse backgrounds began their early deliberations with 11 of ‘guilty’ and 1 of ‘not guilty’ verdicts. Juror 8 portrayed himself as a charismatic and high self-confident architect. Initially, Juror 1 who played the foreman positioned himself as self-appointed leader of the team in which has led his authority to be challenged as his leadership style lacked in drive and weak. In the contrary, Juror 8 is seen as the emergent leader considering his openness to probing conversations while remaining calm. Implying this openness to the present, it has become crucial that a good decision relies on knowledge, experience, thorough analysis and most importantly critical thinking. 2. Empathy Empathy is one of the techniques to improve communication in diverse group or organization which may lead to making the best decision. Juror 8 requested the group to discuss about the situation first to understand and make everybody clear on the decision to be made. Juror 8 had shown his empathy to the boy and he was putting himself in the boy’s role by saying that:- Juror 8 : ‘There were eleven votes for guilty. It 's not so easy for me to raise my hand and send a boy…show more content…
For example we can see that Juror 7 had shown an extroverted personality type of people. He is more likely to enjoy talking and interaction with people. He can start any conversation with other people who he never knew before. For example, he started the conversation with Juror 6 in the room and just talk about the weather is hot and he thought that the room should be occupied with air-conditioner. Selfish attitude. For example in this movie, the Juror 7 has shown this type of characteristic. Which he wanted to have a quick decision and thought that he has more important things to do than to sit on a jury. His quick response to Juror 1 when Juror 1 asked everybody to take
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