12 Angry Men Juror Number 3 Analysis

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The movie “Twelve Angry Men” shows twelve jurors deciding the fate of a teenage boy. All of the jurors can be described differently due to their personalities. In this case, they are being described as shapes. In the diagram shown above, some shapes demonstrate more than one configuration. This is a representation of the multiple layers that make up the personality of people. Juror number three is a circle within a rhombus and there is a broken heart in the circle. This is because Juror number three has the strongest opinions out of all of them and then breaks down at the end of the movie due to personal experiences of something that the jurors are talking about in the crammed, hot, uncomfortable room. Juror number three was the last one to change his vote from guilty to innocent, and because it shows that Juror number three was stubborn, this is one of the reasons there is a red rhombus . Another reason is, since red is seen to be as an aggressive color, to show that number three is opinionated and gets angry very easily. The blue circle inside of the rhombus shows that juror number three was persuaded because of one topic that…show more content…
He fills in an X and hands the pencil to NO. 12” (Rose) . The quote shows that juror number twelve really didn’t care whether the victim was pleaded innocent or guilty. It is also another piece of evidence that supports the fact that juror number twelve was just going to agree with the side that had more votes. Overall, the characters in the movie “Twelve Angry Men” are all different and can be described by different things due to their actions and personalities. This activity really showed that you can describe a person by anything that you think matches up to their characteristics, even shapes! Analyzing characters can help you understand more of what the character’s backstory is; Why they are like this, or why they cried over that… thinking about things for a little more time can make you understand those things a lot
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