Jurors Views In The Film '12 Angry Men'

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In 1957 there was a film entitled “12 Angry Men,’’ and it was a film about a son who supposedly, killed his father and the 12 men who are the jurors for the court case. Throughout the film, there is a lot of arguing and bickering but with the arguing, watchers learn more and more about all the characters and their views and beliefs and how they influence their votes. In the 1957 film, viewers learn the most about how jurors votes are shifted mostly by their, past experiences, unfamiliar knowledge, and their open minds. One of the most influential traits to change the jurors views is their past experiences with “slum boys.’’(Film) The jurors who had been influenced by the trait were jurors all but juror eight. As the movie went on, all the jurors had explained why they had a bad view on children from the slums. Juror number three is the one who is always thinking the worst of the boys from the slums. In the end of the movie he has a picture of a boy, his son, who is from the slums and makes him upset so he is trying to take out his anger toward his own boy on the boy on trial. All the other jurors except number eight, have a bad view of the slums because of the prominence of crime in the areas of the slums and they don 't see all the kids from the slums because they just see the bad kids that come from the areas. The jurors may not know all the children from this area so they will have a lack of knowledge. All the jurors, even eight, have a lack of knowledge compared to
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