Jury Deliberation Case

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a reasonable doubt. After the closing arguments from both the prosecution and defense attorney, the jury will deliberate. Jury deliberation takes place in seclusion, and jury instructions from the judge will be made clear, any evidence will be reviewed, testimony and witness credibility will be taken into consideration, as well as the charges. Subsequently, the jury will reach a verdict and the judge, defendants, prosecution attorney, defense attorney, and accused will reconvene in the courtroom for the verdict to be read aloud by the jury foreman (Gaines and Miller, 2011, p.189). Once the verdict has been read, the trial process has concluded. Upon being convicted, sentencing will be conducted at a sentencing hearing.
From CJ3345 what five
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33). In other words, their actions will align with the label that society has given to them. In Billy’s case, he has just attempted to kill three people, raped a woman, and robbed a bank; he has demonstrated through his actions the very definition of a psychopath. He could not possibly be committing such brutal acts, if he indeed had a conscious which most individuals suffering from psychopathy do not. Not only has society labeled Billy, but also his parents. According to Gaines and Miller (2011), “some criminologists believe becomes a self-fulling prophecy” (p.33). Billy’s father was an alcoholic and his mother was a whore these two labels have wiggled into the criminal justice system as an artificial class of victimless crimes…show more content…
According to the social disorganization theory, Billy has a lower socioeconomic status; he is more likely to commit crime. The theory also can explain Billy’s lack of family structure and unity, as well as his breakdown in the community. Billy began breaking the law as a young man; so he likely replaced his family and educators influence with influence from his peers. Later, even as a twenty-eight year old this breakdown both in family and community is evident in his criminal behavior. He more than likely inherited the delinquent values which permitted further criminal deviant
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