Jury Of Her Peers Essay

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A dead bird, a dead man, a jailed wife, and five people to investigate such things. In “A Jury of Her Peers” in order to find the guilty culprit, there was a need to find a motive. The men would spend all day searching for the reason someone would murder the Mr. Wright, and so would the women. When the women finally did find a motive, they would hide it from the men. They had the right to do so because they themselves had felt the same way Mrs. Wright did, the men were being disrespectful, and the women were dismissed from the men’s sides to look upon things with no significance. The women are easy to sympathize with because they have felt the same way that Mrs. Wright did at the time of the murder. Mrs. Peters says she…show more content…
The women searched the kitchen and the living area. As they were women, this was all they were qualified to look at. The men scoffed when the women talked about the quilt being knotted or sewn. They did not think that it held any significance, nor did they think that there was anything under the quilt. However, it was later found by the women that there was something under the quilt. That something was the motive, and the motive was Mrs. Wright’s bird. The men would not know this because they dismissed the kitchen and living area from having any significance to the case. They also mockingly asked the women what they had found without really caring about the answer. The women sensed this and therefore withheld information that would be vital in proving Mrs. Wright’s guilt in the murder of her husband. Had the men truly cared about what the women had found, perhaps the women would have shed light on their findings. The women are the rightful owners of the reader’s sympathy because they had often felt what Mrs. Wright had, the men had wrongfully acted in disrespect, and the women were written off as unhelpful before they ever had a chance to help. Because of the feelings of the women and the actions of the men, this case would grow cold and justice would not be
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