Advantages And Disadvantages Of The Jury System

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The jury system was first established in Britain, following the Norman Conquest. The purpose of the jury system back in the days was very much different than it is now. Back then, jurors in England, witnessed the sources of information provided on internal issues and then slowly they were used as adjudicators in civil and criminal disputes. Under the reign of Henry II, juries began to play an important role working. From reporting on events they were aware about, to contemplating evidence made by parties involved in a dispute. Eventually it was said that a juror must know briefly about the facts of a case before a trial is conducted and the relevance of it today. Although these days only a few cases are attempted by juries, the jury is considered as an important part of the English legal system. In a way, it plays a fundamental role in making sure that the criminal justice system is useful for the public instead of biased leaders. There are twelve
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Most juries do not get selected randomly. Despite the fact that the jury duty warnings acquire a random gathering to the courthouse, the two sides of a case have the privilege in many countries to strike a specific number of members of the jury from the case to get to the required number, which means that it is not random. Long trials usually create hasty verdicts due to the fact that the individuals face severe restrictions during the trial. So, when the trial is going on for an extended period of time, the jurors rush to get back to their normal lives, hence, making a hurried judgement without the ability to think properly, to the extent that an innocent individual may be punished for a crime that he/she may not even have commited. Other than that, most jurors do not have a background in law. On the off chance that there is a beguiling, persuasive introduction in court, at that point that by itself might be sufficient to make adequate sensible
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