Just And Humane Society Essay

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A just and humane society refers to a society in which all individuals have equal opportunities to succeed in life. Ideally, individuals who have more will help those who have less, and all will be equal before the law. This implies a society in which drugs are not abused, and the social ills which accompany substance abuse are not experienced. In everyday life, this may be achieved through acts of kindness between individuals, as well as through encouraging and helping one another in accomplishing tasks that may prove to be too difficult for one to complete alone. In imagining a society that is free of drugs and their accompanying challenges, there are certain values and philosophies of community psychology that come to exist. (Visser, 2012, p. 12.) These values and philosophies come to be aligned within an imagined society, and include values of care and compassion, as well as the idea that individuals within communities should be emotionally connected to one another, for the purpose of fostering a sense of belonging. (Visser, 2012, p. 12.) These values prove important in assisting the creating of the desired drug free community, as it is necessary for communities to come together to eradicate the presence of drugs. Other…show more content…

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