Just Bag It Speech Self-Evaluation

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Eleonora Hasani Comm 145 Online “Just Bag it” Speech Self-Evaluation 1. I gained my audience’s attention through an ironic joke. By asking my audience if they hated when people answered their own questions, and then proceeded to answer my own question saying I hated it, I got them interested in what else I had to say. 2. I feel like I introduced by topic clearly by stating in my introduction paragraph that I wanted to give the audience a “glimpse of my life” and then followed it with my thesis that included the three items I was going to talk about. 3. I think my presentation had a few distracting behaviors. The first being that I talked very fast. At times, I think it distracting as to the fast past I was talking. The other distracting thing…show more content…
What I think I did well in my speech was I made it fit within the time requirement, I had strong transitions, I had a good opener, and I think I chose three objects that were unique to me and I described them well. 9. To improve my speech, I would first and foremost talk slower. I talk at such a fast pace when I get nervous and it is distracting for my audience. Next I would place my first object in a better spot so that it does not fall while I am talking. Additionally, I would better use my notecards. I had them for this speech but I practiced it so much I seemed to just memorize it and did not even bother to look at them. If I had looked at them I would not have forgotten what I think was an important sentence in my conclusion. 10. It was surprising just how fast I talked. I have always been a fast talker and I attempted to slow down my pace but obviously, that still was no match for my nerves and I still talked very fast. 11. Overall, I am happy with my speech. It was by no means perfect but I am pleased by most it. 12. I think I should get about an 85. There are spots where I will lose points because I did make errors but after looking at the rubric for this speech I think my speech was deserving of around a
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