Just Be Yourself By Stephanie Pellegrin Analysis

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Just be Yourself Ashly Hinnenkamp “ Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind.” – unknown. This quote is a good example of how not to worry about what other people think and say about you. Stephanie Pellegrin as an adult tells her younger self that it doesn’t matter if you fit in because it all works out in the long run. I feel like this quote relates to the story because it’s talking about fitting in and not caring what people think or say about you. In ‘Just be Yourself’ the author explains that you never know what the future holds, that it’s okay to be an outsider, and finding out who you really are. Stephanie Pellegrin tells herself to not be so insecure and that by spending so much time trying to find herself she’s slowly losing herself. She is saying that she needs to stop caring so much about others opinions because that’s distracting her from finding out who she really is. I am also like this and thankful I’m less like that than last year. I sometimes get so caught up in trying to fit in that it’s hard to find myself after I realize how insecure I am.…show more content…
Stephanie as an adult tells herself that it is okay to be an outsider and that she shouldn’t have worried as much as she did. She says she regrets not knowing these things as a teenager. I know that it’s okay to be not in a group and to not have many friends because it all works out in the end and I know that. I try to be better and make more

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