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Have you ever wanted to create the explosive thrills of a Michael Bay action film? Better yet, have you ever wondered what it would be like to tether an enemy to a helicopter and then shoot it down with a rocket? Or, maybe, to ride a fuel canister high into the sky? Surely, the answer to these questions is a resounding ‘Yes’. Massive explosions, chaos, destruction, and fun are the name of the game, and that game is Just Cause 3. Embrace your inner rebel and topple a military dictator as you unleash pandemonium and devastation upon your enemies. The narrative of Just Cause 3 opens with Rico Rodriguez returning to his home of Medici only to find that is now under control by fascist dictator, General Di Ravello. Rico joins in the rebellion and works to liberate Medici from this tyrant and give the land back to the people. Along with old friends and new acquaintances, Rico and the rebels wage war in an effort…show more content…
Gears Mods allow you to upgrade and enhance your equipment to have specific skills. For example, you can upgrade from Standard Grenades to Homing Grenades. Once a Mod is unlocked, it is your choice as to whether you want them active or not. The Gears Mods system allows the player to make the game what they want it to be, and that kind of customization and freedom is refreshing to see in an open-world game. The world of Just Cause 3 is gigantic. From the snowy tips of the mountains, to gorgeous beachfront properties, the size of Medici and its environment is inspiring. The arsenal of weapons and vehicles available to the player matches the scale of the game’s island setting. As massive as the map is, the amount of unlockable equipment is just as vast. As you liberate the numerous provinces across the three regions of Medici, you unlock newer, stronger, and better equipment to use. Whether it is a helicopter, sports car, or a submachine gun, there is a ton of content to

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