Just Us Forever Robert Drake Analysis

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Throughout Robert M. Drake’s poems his use of metaphors allows the audience to build an understanding of the visionary that the poet is trying to express. Within his poem Just Us Forever, Drake delivers his form of love through expressions of rain, “just us forever, floating through the blackness of infinite”. In this verse the author romanticizes the state of the abyss of blackness as not something to be afraid of, but something of wonder; in relation to the rain, Drake further highlights the contrasts of light and dark as the rain can be seen as hope when in need. The second poem Burned Alive, metaphorically associates love as experiencing pain; however the pain without love is indicated to be feared as more excruciating when he reveals how…show more content…
In both Just Us Forever and Dear You, the author uses the idea of rain and early elements as a representation of love; where Just Us Forever poems starts with the desire to “fall in love like drops of rain”, Dear You expresses that “every ocean reflect the shades seasoning from your eyes and during night I can see everything you have ever wanted me to see”. In Just Us Forever he embodies love to be rain drops; however rain is usually symbolised as sadness and despair, Drake signifies it to be condense and pure. Within Dear You, Robert establishes an association between his delivery of love with earthly components such as the ocean. From this example, the author uses the ocean to represent his beloved’s eyes and expresses the connection of beauty between his beloved’s eyes and the moon’s reflection on the ocean at night. These two poems share a similarity of their connection of love with natural elements whereas Drake’s Burned Alive conveys love to be a source of pain. The poem expresses how he “swallowed the pain over and over to slumber in the field of her, without wake. Just dreaming,” of how his life would be without her, “… too incomplete.” Through this poem, the author indicates that love is a journey of pain that requires patience and
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