Just Walk On By: Black Men And Public Space

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It Never Stops Driving along the road, you hear a screeching siren and see blinding lights flashing in your rearview mirror. Instantly feeling your stomach drop as the officer waves you to pull over. The officer greets you with a firm “Hello, may I see your driver’s license and registration?”. While handing it to the officer, I notice that he brings his search dog to sniff the vehicle for drugs. The dog begins to scratch at the door alerting the officer that there is something inside. The officer tells you to exit the vehicle while he searches it. After him digging throughout your entire car, he finds absolutely nothing. Although no crimes have been committed, I instantly feel that racism is still a big part of the United States of America. Throughout the movie Crash, Peter & Anthony experience racism, one example of it would…show more content…
By the color of your skin people, others make good or bad accusations about you. For Staples, he was walking in an affluent neighborhood, behind a women. She quickly glanced at him, then picked up her pace of speed to get away from him. Soon the women was out of his sight. He noticed that she ran away from him just because he was an African American man. Throughout the world racism happens daily, making others feel badly about themselves because of ignorant people. As a matter of fact we cannot choose the color of our skin, we cannot choose the way we look, but we can choose how we act towards others. In the article Racism: It’s Deeper Than The Color of Our Skin, defines racism as “a political, social and economic system built on the belief that one race is superior to another.”(Racism) The article also states that the solution to racism is the reuniting of individuals through their creator, Jesus Christ. Together as a whole we can all stop racism throughout the
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