Just Walk On By Richard Rodriguez Summary

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Brent Staples “ Just Walk on By: A Black Man Ponders His Power to Alter Public Space” and Richard Rodriguez comparing the similarities and differences of Staples and Rodriguez 's article. Racism is a very difficult and confusing problem to deal at a very young age that can affect one 's mentality and perceptions of oneself then and later on. ,both Staples and Rodriguez had experienced racism for a very long time having firsthand experience of racism at young ages, such young ages in fact that it left a mark on each of them as they begin to realize at vulnerable times of their life what life is like being black or having dark skin. For example, Staples discovered this at the age of twelve as a white women saw fearing for her life. Rodriguez’s first experience of racism was at the age of 7 told by his mother to put a towel over his shoulder to cover some of his dark skin. him at night and ran away from her with it all the stereotypes and the profiling that comes with it in which they would have to manage and live with for the rest of their lives after they finally realize such an ugly truth. Although, the way in how Staples and Rodriguez handled racism are completely different ways, Staples attempts to combat the racism and prejudice of society by making…show more content…
Although, in the case of Rodriguez in his article of “Complexion” He had racism not from the outside world but from his own family which made it difficult to escape it since it was there he came home. Eventually Rodriguez internalized never trying to fight against it and had tried different ways to get rid of his own skin in ways of scraping or homemade
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