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One of the hardest questions for a Christians is is there such thing as a Just War and are Christians allowed to fight . You must carefully search the scriptures for truth and you must interpret the scripture with discernment. Sometimes as a reader, it can be easy to accept an author’s interpretation, but instead you must check the scripture for yourself. Christians are allowed to fight in wars and bear arms according to scripture .

Just War, what does it really mean? What is the criteria for a Just War? The definition of Just War according to Dictionary.com would be, “A military action that is justified as being permissible for legal or moral reasons.” What justifies war permissible would be next thing to look at. Before going
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York fought for America in World War I even though he was a Christian. Alvin was born into a Christian family and began to drink as a young adult. One night he straightened out his life and began going to church. Engaged and ready to start life, Alvin received a letter summoning him to war. He filed a report as a conscience objector, but was rejected. So Alvin went away to train for war, while his mother and pastor worked on the consciences objector rejection. While training, Alvin became friends with Captain Danforth, and told him his problems with war and being a Christian. to about going to war and being Christian. A letter finally arrived allowing Alvin not to fight if he would sign a form saying that he was a conscience objector. Soon after, Alvin was called to the Captains office where Alvin, Private Danforth , the Major and the Captain t alked through the bible together. One verse that struck Alvin that night…show more content…
Yes, he tells us to live at peace with one another but sometimes to live in peace, we must have a Just War. The next topic is the idea that war creates evil, but does it really? Take World War I, did fighting Hitler create evil? No, it did not create evil but stopped evil. The war does not always have to create evil, it could stop evil. Love your neighbor as yourself is another argument. But are you really loving neighbor as yourself by letting them be slaughtered. No, why would you just let them be slaughtered that would not be not loving your neighbor. You would stand up and fight against those hurting your neighbor . Many people quote the Ten Commandments saying you should not kill, but the bible actually says you should not murder . You are not murdering if you are protecting yourself like Exodus 22:2 , "If the thief is caught while breaking in, and is struck so that he dies, there will be no blood guiltiness on his account.”(Dictionary.com ) These arguments show that pacifist points do not
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