Pros And Cons Of Just War Theory

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Present security environment and conditions for geopolitical relations and conflicts, shows that old postulates of traditional and conventional warfare, are not in function any more. New type of threats brings changes and different opinions in legal, ethical and moral domains of war. In some situations, when war methods are not conventional, under internationally acceptable conditions, key legal documents, such as Chapter of the United Nations, can become insufficient or irrelevanct. This unconventional sphere requires radical changes in existing legislations or completely new world wide acceptable definition of combatant, adversary and war.
Framework of war conditions, which we usually call conventional, becomes more blurred and different.
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Terrorist attack on United States of America on 11 September 2001, is milestone for future defining of conditions and demands in perception of dilemma’s solutions. This essay will follow evolution, principles and explanations of just war theory and its applicability in pre-emptive actions on different circumstances and different causes. It will argue reasons pro and con for justification of war and pre-emptive strike as not precisely defined area in legal and moral domain. At the end essay will provide some recommendations for possible solutions of…show more content…
Augustine (Aurelius Augustinus, C.E. 354-430). Principles that he introduce are base for lather international juristically system and still valid in present international relations. This theory, principles or conditions that war could be justified is applied, is more developed in ethical domain by St. Thomas Aquinas (1225 – 1274) and the others scholars. Related to conditions of war, theory is divided in three

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