Just Who Did Build America Essay

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1. Describe what you learned or were reminded of from each of these resources. Immigration: Just Who Did Build America - Melissa Harris-Perry (8/31/14) This was a good reminder that America was not just built by the sweat of European-American sweat, blood, and tears. The question is a fantastic one. Just who did build America? The Whitehouse was designed by a German immigrant and built by the enslaved labor of African American men and women. The Brooklyn Bridge was designed by a German and also built by immigrants. Grand Central Station and the US Capitol buildings were also designed and built by immigrants. Even the transcontinental railroad was built by Chinese immigrants, many of whom lost their lives. I find this the most ironic, considering the owners that financed the transcontinental railroad started off by employing European-Americans and in fact did not even want to hire Chinamen. However, because the European-Americans…show more content…
I have not thought about how many children are here now, smuggled into the United States at young ages, who struggle with the insecurities of belonging somewhere. The fear associated with being deported or their undocumented family members being deported is real and heart wrenching. In my ignorance, I did not know about the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) that President Obama launched during his administration. This program brought much security and relief to many young people to openly get jobs and a driver’s license for eligible undocumented immigrants under 31 years old. However, as one of the recipients of this grant pointed out, DACA comes with an expiration date, with no guarantees of renewal, nor a pathway to citizenship. The knowledge that many undocumented people did not feel whole, until DACA makes complete sense. For all people need to feel included, accepted, and productive in

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