Justice Alito Argumentative Analysis

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In view of everyone is created equal, juveniles should also be punished equally. There are lots of reasons for each side of the argument, justice Elena Kagan believes that juveniles should not be tried as adults because of their “immaturity, impetuosity, and failure to appreciate the risks and consequences.” However, Justice Alito believes that they should be tried because “mandatory sentences reflected the will of American Society that heinous crimes committed by juveniles should always be punished.” Knowing I am a juvenile that could be affected by this, I completely agree with Justice Alito because the offender knows that what they are doing is wrong, the victims and their families deserve justice, they do not have underdeveloped brains and as hard it is to believe some juveniles enjoy hurting as well as taking the life of human beings.
Kids are constantly taught from a young age the difference between right and wrong whether it is at school or at home. For example, they are taught that injuring other kids is wrong because it is painful to them. As time progresses, they learn that more
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They absolutely do have a functioning brain that should clearly know that what they are doing is wrong. For example, Sarah-Jayne Blakemore said, “ During their adolescent years, their gray matter decreases and their decision making process is not functioning correctly” (Blakemore). Blakemore is a neuroscientist who studies the development and function of the nervous system, in my opinion, Blakemore is saying that we have no say in our actions due to the fact that we have a loss in gray matter. Regardless, this does not excuse the fact that we are still conscious of our own actions and that we decide whether or not to do bad or good things. Juveniles should be tried as an adult because they have the capacity to be in full control of their own

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