Justice And Injustice In Antigone

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In the play, Antigone, Sophocles reveals a story of a character who responds significantly to an injustice. After a war between brothers’ Eteocles and Polyneices, both brothers are slain, but Creon, Antigone’s uncle, refused to bury Polyneices due to him fighting against the city. Antigone, the main character, decides to bury her brother against Creon’s orders, resulting in a conflict between the already cursed family. With the unjust refusal from Creon to not bury Polyneices, Antigone decides to stand up against this injustice, even if it means losing her life. Sophocles writes about a stubborn Antigone who believes she is following God’s law, in order to create justice between the cursed family and solve the unjust created by Creon, to…show more content…
During the final moments of the play, Creon finally realizes his tragic flaw of hubris, and reveals,”Lead me away. I have been rash and foolish. I have killed my son and my wife. I look for comfort; my comfort lies here dead. Whatever my hands have touched has come to nothing. Fate has brought all my pride to a thought of dust,” (Exodus.135-138). Although Antigone had to die for the cost of justice, among other casualties, her search for justice seemed to be successful. The multitude of deaths that occur during the Exodus result in Creon admitting how foolish he has been for being overly prideful and arrogant for thinking that he could outrun his cursed family’s fate. Her death made him discover that fate is a factor of life that should not be messed with. In the end, her brother got a proper burial, and Creon realises his tragic flaw, resulting in catharsis for the reader, and also resulting in Antigone’s struggle for justice to be successful. This sense of catharsis leads the reader to believe that Antigone’s life and sacrifices made were worth it in the end due to Creon’s realization in his own
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