Justice And Redemption Analysis

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Experience of Justice and Redemption

The metal colliding sound of opening the prison gate, prison guards are celebrating an old man with dark skin wearing old fashion suit crossing through the gate. That moment, Red is redeemed. But, is he really redeemed? The moment he walks out from the gate, I can’t tell from his face that he is inquisitive, worry, or delightful.

My perspective of redemption in prison is a way to punish the people who are guilty. But in reality, redemption is a way to let people redeemed themselves, they have to accept their mistakes, and willing to change. For example, the scene when Red said the young him is gone, all he left is just an old man standing right here. From this scene, Red is telling me that he accepted
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This scene is an intimation, it’s telling me that when prisoners released from prison, they have the same path needs to walk through before rejoining the society. Brooks didn’t make it through, he chose a different path to end his life. They might redeem from prison, but not in their heart, the main effect of redemption is not physically, is mental. When Red is working in a market as a packing staff, he has to ask the manager for permission to use the bathroom, even the manager said no need to ask, if Red doesn’t ask for permission before using the bathroom, he can’t squeeze a single drop. The prison life created a shadow in their heart, and it’s not easy to walk out from…show more content…
At the city where I live in China, people don’t trust the legal system, they can pay money to get away from their crime. What I’m going to share everything is real. When I was eight, I met a friend outside, we were going to a park and hang out there. On the way to the park, we saw a crowd of people in the front, we thought there’s a performance there, but is not, we saw two people lying on the floor with their hands tied with a belt, I asked the people around, they said they’re thief, they broke into a condo and trying to steal stuff, but someone was home, the person’s first reaction is to call her father rather than the police station, you can tell the people in the city where I lived they don’t really trust the legal system. I didn’t stay there and continuing watching. On the way back, we saw a puddle of blood and a few rocks with blood. We heard that during the time I’m hanging out at a park, people didn’t call the police yet, they used rocks to smash on them for punishment. They think if the legal system not giving the right amount of punishment, then they’ll do it by themselves, the other way to say it, it’s Justice for them. My perspective of that punishment is way over it needs to. “Failure is the mother of success”, this quote means in order to become successful, you have to make mistakes and learn from it. As a human being, I feel making mistakes is one of the human
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