Detective Dee Film Analysis

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Di Renjie, a Detective in Tang Dynasty, is like his modern western equivalent, Sherlock Holmes. Detective Dee was good at solving unusual and weird cases. This story is about Detective Dee who was in jail for eight years because he does not agree Empress Wu Zetian to become the emperor. The imperial court occurred a strange bizarre death case and Empress Wu Zetian had to use Detective Dee again to solve the case. This confusing case gives people a lot of interest to watch. This movie get a lot of good reviews both in domestic and abroad. The film won the top ten best films of the American Time magazine (2010), similar to closest to the Hollywood standard Chinese genre (2011). Detective Dee and the mystery of the phantom flame is a very impressive…show more content…
Just like Superman in the west or any hero of the Marvel Comics and DC Comics, Dee appeared to defend social security and fought for the good of the public. In the process of solving the crime, justice and evil will must be fought. But in the fight people can understand the mind of Detective Dee. No matter who is in power, he did not want people to die again. Detective Dee insisted on the truth in the process of handing the case, even if he offended the ruler. In today's society, people do not uphold the truth so as not to violate the authority of the rulers and they have a favorable position for

themselves. This is an obvious difference between the film and the reality.
In conclusion, Detective Dee and the mystery of the phantom flame gained considerable fame because the plot of the film is compact, the heroine, Carina Lau, is very famous in China, and the film always has a sense of justice. A good movie is not only to the audience feel a strong visual and auditory effects, but after watching the movie people want to express the social significance. This movie is a suspense drama. Do you want to follow Chinese version of ‘Sherlock Holmes’ of Tang Dynasty to solve cases? Come
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