Justice In High Noon And The Ox-Bow Incident

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The pursuit for justice is an essential theme that is illustrated in the Western films High Noon and The Ox-Bow Incident. In the film High Noon, Will Kane stands alone as he faces the bandit Frank Miller, who returns to town in order to kill Kane and get justice and revenge for his imprisonment. In addition, Will Kane is a character that represents justice as he is a marshal who protects the town. On the other hand, in the film The Ox-Bow Incident, justice is pursued after hearing that Larry Kinkaid was killed which thereby resulted in the hanging of three innocent individuals. Moreover, while on the quest for justice both these films encounter a struggle with making life and death decisions. As a result, a religious character becomes a proponent…show more content…
Then, a woman appears watching these men and gestures the sign of the cross with her hands. This scene delivers an important message through religious expression as it symbolizes that something bad is about to occur with these three men. Thus, making the gesture of the cross signifies a form of prayer in order to ward off evil. In addition, the town’s church is a religious motif that is seamlessly integrated in the setting and background of the film High Noon. Religion is portrayed in this film through the church and it emerges when Will Kane is very desperate for help. He has gone from the saloon, to the hotel as well as private homes in order to seek help but has recruited no one. Thus, out of desperation Kane goes to church in order to seek help before Frank Miller arrives in town. This scene conveys many religious elements as it begins with the priest reading the biblical passage Malachi as Will Kane interrupts the service and asks for help. This illustrates that religion is portrayed as a form of refuge for Will Kane, as religion merely surfaces when Kane is desperate and has nowhere else to go for help. Additionally, when Kane enters the priest mentions, “you don’t come to this church very often marshal…what could be so important to bring you here now” (High Noon 1952). This is an important scene as it illustrates Will Kane’s level of fear and anxiety

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