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Oedipus Rex The playwright Sophocles writes of the search of justice in Oedipus Rex by creating what is looked at as the archetype of a tragic hero who does everything within his power to bring the murderer of King Laius to justice, even when the rightful blame eventually turns onto him. By creating a tragic hero, Sophocles creates a play which reveals the nature of mankind to look to everyone but oneself it the search of righteousness. A tragic hero, as defined by Aristotle, is a protagonist character who is relatable, has a fatal flaw, and is ultimately defeated by this fatal flaw. Oedipus 's flaw is impulsiveness. When an oracle warns Oedipus that his fate includes murdering his father and marrying his mother, he follows his impulses to run away from the man and woman who he presumes to be his parents. If he were to ask them about it, the fact that he was adopted would most likely be brought to light. Oedipus, on his way to the city of Thebes, murdered King Laius at the meeting of three roads. He, without considering the possibilities, murders the group of people he meets on the road. He never feels remorse for the murder either, because he truly feels the killing was justified. Throughout the play, Oedipus is determined to bring the murderer of King Laius to justice. He feels that…show more content…
Without Oedipus’s status as a tragic hero, he would not be as impulsive as he is portrayed in Oedipus Rex. Also, without his strong need to bring justice to the murderer for the good of the town, there would simply be no search at all. Oedipus wouldn’t be seen as a tragic character, much less the archetype for one, without inflicting justice on himself. He goes from a high to a low because he is a tragic character, and he wouldn’t be a tragic hero without his persistent search for justice. Because he is so set on creating a better place for his town, he ultimately creates his own downfall and

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