Justice In The Dark Knight

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Part Two The Dark Knight:A Man Fights With Evil
2.1 Violence as a Means to Achieve Justice and Freedom
In America 's "super hero" movies, the hero always represents the value orientation of the Americans. This pursuit of freedom is just the pursuit of individualism. In the film, the negative character, a clown act by Heath Ledger, appears when the freedom of citizens is threatened. He is different from other negative characters. He is not a villain for the money but an antisocial. His purpose is to break the most important principles of humanity: freedom and justice. He made the bank robbery, and let criminals cut each other 's throats. But his purpose is far more than that. He tries to pull Batman and Dent into the side of evil, and to subvert the people 's concept of freedom, justice and hero.
Batman is a typical representative of the hero who insists on absolute freedom and justice. The public is contented to the desire of super hero by the appearance of Batman. He wears a black mask and a cloak. Crossing over the skyscraper to catch criminals, his behavior lets people hooked but exposed the Americans’ unique views of the law. The United States is a country of contract, but the implementation of legal exist deviation, which led to the American’s desire for the law-executor who beyond the law. Today the United States is the only superpower in the world, which makes it become the wind vane of human material and culture. Saving the human and the earth have been the main

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