Justice In The Film Entertaining Angels

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The movie Entertaining Angels follows the life and journey of Dorothy Day and how she changed from an atheist to a Catholic. The movie begins with a quote from Dorothy Day about her looking for the abundant life but not knowing how to find it. At first, Dorothy thinks she can find completeness in communism and protest for rights, but she gets pregnant and has an abortion. She then discovers the church and converts from an Atheist to a Catholic. Many times in the movie Dorothy is confused and looking for God’s help. Near the end of the movie, the other Catholic Workers yell at Dorothy for caring for the poor more than her daughter and the newspaper. Dorothy runs to the church screaming where is God and asking him to guide her. After she returns…show more content…
The first quote is by Dorothy’s brother’s wife. When Dorothy and her daughter are first staying with her brother, they brother and wife get tired of all the poor and homeless staying and eating in their home. Dorothy then shows them that those people had been donating what very little money they had to help them out. The brother then asks the wife if she is comfortable continuing to do this and she says, “you never know when you may be entertaining an angel.” This quote displays justice because it teaches us to treat each other equally and to always help out those in need no matter who they are. Another quote that exemplifies justice is one by Dorothy while talking to the Cardinal. The Cardinal tells her to change their name from the Catholic Workers because it doesn’t follow the Church and its views. Dorothy tells him, “if you feed the poor you’re a saint, but if you ask why they’re poor you’re a Communist.” This quote shows the injustice in the system. Dorothy and the newspaper the Catholic Workers were actually writing about the inequity of treatment towards the poor. She was trying to find a permanent solution to end poverty and to make a change, but everyone above them wanted her to stay quiet. The last quote is by Dorothy again. After fighting with the staff of the newspaper, and fending off maggie, Dorothy has a revelation. She apologizes for being arrogant and
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