Justice In The Hate U Give By Anne Thomas

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In The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas, Starr learns to accept herself, accept her community and to use her voice to promote justice in the world due to the relationships she has with others. Furthermore, Starr struggles to be her true self anywhere she is, in Garden Heights she is one person and in Williamson she is another but her boyfriend, Chris, helps her with this. He makes her feel comfortable enough to just be Starr around him since they met, “Ever since, I don’t have to decide which Starr I have to be with him. He likes both” (Thomas 83). Evidently, her relationship with Chris helps her to accept and be who she is because he is the first person that she feels totally comfortable with. His kindness and acceptance of her makes her realize …show more content…

One of his main values is his loyalty to his community which he pushes this onto his children, including Starr, “Then what? We just like all the other sellouts who leave and turn their backs on the neighborhood. We can change stuff around here, but instead we run? That’s what you want to teach our kids?” (Thomas 180). Maverick greatly expresses his distaste of turning his back on his neighbourhood, and leading to Starr becoming accepting about where she is from. The base of her relationship with her father is their loyalty and drive to protect the people they love. This relationship lets her reflect on how she looks at her neighborhood because that is where his loyalties lie, and it also lets her reflect on how she can help it, which leads to her defending her community in the novel. Moreover, Starr’s journey began with Khalil and his death, so it is evident that their relationship guides her to speak up against the injustice towards him. After keeping silent for so long, her love for Khalil wins and she decides to speak up without barriers, “‘My name is Starr. I’m the one who saw what happened to Khalil,’ I say into the

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