Justice In The Holocaust

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I believe that many Holocaust survivors felt like justice was not achieved because hatred still exists today and people have not really recognized the same impact that the Holocaust inflicted, among some other reasons. Sadly, jokes are made about the Holocaust and people do not take it seriously. The impact the Holocaust had on the world was extremely profound. It nearly wiped out an the entire population of a race. I believe the reason that people cannot understand the Holocaust's effect on the world is because we are simply told numbers. 6 million Jewish citizens were killed. To put that in perspective, about 6 million people live in El Salvador. More people were killed in the Holocaust than the population of New Zealand, Denmark, or Finland. Another reason is because many of the people following Hitler did not pay a price for their actions.…show more content…
Justice to me means balance. If a wrong is done, it takes justice to make that wrong even. Justice is like a scale. I do not believe justice will every be granted. I believe this because of the amount of damage that the Holocaust inflicted. The amount of people who were involved in the Holocaust was so immense, that I highly doubt justice could be served to everyone. If everyone could recognize how terrible the Holocaust was, everyone may be able to help out and distribute justice. However, I believe many people cannot comprehend the magnitude of such an event or simply do not want to think about it. If everyone could work together we could stop hate in our world. That would be the greatest amount of justice to be given, to rid our world of
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