Justice In The Kite Runner

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What is justice? The definition of justice is “the quality of being just; righteousness, equitableness, or moral rightness” according to ( We all love to believe in justice and think that we have morals. That’s not always the case because it is easy to define the word justice but isn’t easy to define everyone else’s justice. Can anyone truly achieve a mind of pure justice? We have people judge others based on law and based on what we believe is morally wrong but the problem is we are only human. That usually means we have emotions and sometimes emotions get in the way of thinking straight. Everyone looks at justice differently; the definition of a thief is “a person who steals, especially secretly or without open force; one…show more content…
They are not the wrong because a thief steals. Does everyone see that way? No because we all have our own sense of morality, some of us choose family as a priority and some see the law as a priority. Even the characters in books have their own sense of justice which is based on the author and because of that the story can end different ways. As emotions go flying through 13 Reasons why and Kite Runner, The characters show their own sense of justice Does 13 Reasons why, have justice? So we have our main character Clay Jensen Who receives a package full of tapes. We find out these tapes are from Hannah and they were the last things she made before taking her life. Clay is on a journey because…show more content…
In 2001 Amir received a phone call from an old friend and he tells Amir to go down to Pakistan. As Amir passes by some kites in San Francisco he soon starts to remember when he was a young boy in 1975. He and his childhood servant Hassan did many things as children. One day Amir and Hassan participated in a kite competition and they won. Hassan wanted to go retrieve the kite and was chased by some bullies and they corner him and Amir gets there but he only watches as Hassan is raped. Then he runs back and acts like he was looking for him and from then on Amir treats Hassan bad. Then one day Hassan leaves with his father and they don’t see each ever again. Maybe would expect them to see each other or for Hassan to receive justice. The only problem is that when Amir goes to Pakistan he finds from his old friend that Hassan is dead. Even so at that moment Amir’s friend tells Amir that Hassan left a son. That Amir knows that he has to get Hassan son. Amir at first isn’t willing to go but says I’ll send someone for him and His friend says it isn’t about money. He then tells him that you know what it is about. That Hassan was Amir Brother because Ali couldn’t have children so Amir’s father was Hassan’s father. That From there on Amir goes on a journey that will hopefully rid him of his past sins seeks justice for his old friend. Then Amir meets the bully that harassed him and Hassan. And he has Sohrab Which Hassan’s son and
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