Justice In The Reign Of Terror Analysis

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Death. It happens sooner than later for some people. Some accept it; others crave to see more. This is the general answer from people because it is tolerated. Death is a necessary evil and people tolerate it because they know that it happens. Sometimes it happens in better Justice in the Reign of Terror was written by J.G. Milligen. This third person point of view shows people who are on their way to be executed in his town. He starts off by describing the hall where the judges decide who gets executed and then tells how he will never forget how they take the prisoners to the place of execution. The victims had “their hands tied behind their backs, and the constant jolting of the cart made them nod their heads up and down. This process is very sad and hard to watch.” The victims would be led up to the guillotine followed by the executioner, his assistant and the record keeper. The crowds would gather around to…show more content…
In this story, Milligen describes in detail how victims were executed by the guillotine. As he describes the scenes and shares information, it is evident he has witnessed many executions. He is disgusted by how normal beheading is and that people go just to watch someone die. Death should not be a normal event in someone’s day because death by beheading should be appalling. The widening of concept of toleration is still going on today. Seeing videos or hearing about a person being beheaded is a recurring event with ISIS. People around the world are almost use to hearing about ISIS attacks just like people would hear about all of the victims that were guillotined. Similar to the guillotine, ISIS has killed many people. “ISIS has killed over 1,280 people” and “kill more than one at a time” just like the group Milligen talked about. ISIS is also known for “carrying out public executions,” which is where the guillotine executions were also held in the
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