'Justice In The Scottsboro Boys'

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The Scottsboro Boys story was about the boys that went to jail for a crime they didn’t commit, which is rape. Throughout their lives in jail they have gone through trials over and over again because people haven’t received justice. Justice is when the right thing or the fair thing has been accomplished. I think the boys have received their justice because throughout the years people have felt pity for the Scottsboro boys when they went through bad things, so they wanted to help them. People have been trying to help the boys to get their justice that they deserve. Ruby Bates is admitting that the boys are innocent,“I want to make a statement too you: Mary Sanders is a goddam liar [sic] about those Negroes jazzing me. Those policemen made me…show more content…
If you want too [sic] believe, ok. If not that is ok. You will be sorry someday if you had to stay in jail with eights Negroes.” This quote proves my thesis because this quote is explaining how sorry she feels about the policemen making her tell a lie about the crime that the Scottsboro boys didn’t commit at all. This makes the reader think that justice means doing the right thing, such as fixing problems that people have started. In the book many blacks and whites march together around the country,“If politics and controversy make strange bedfellows, none were ever any stranger than those made by Scottsboro. In a time when institutionalized segregation was the norm across the land and Communism was practically illegal, marches of blacks and whites together took place around the country. Janie Patterson, Haywood’s mother, spoke side-by-side with Ruby Bates about the evils faced by African Americans in the South and the entire nation.” This quote also proves my thesis because this quote is explaining Ruby Bates working with Haywood Patterson’s mom to stop this madness. This piece of evidence makes the reader think that justice is working with others to spread fairness to
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