Justice In V For Vendetta

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Through various film and literary techniques, Steinbeck and Mcteigue explore the concept of justice in their texts. In John Steinbeck's Of mice and men, the concept of justice is portrayed as giving somebody what they deserve, although, using literary techniques, Steinbeck explores injustice in this view of justice that the members of the ranch have acquired. In McTeigue’s V for Vendetta, justice is portrayed most prominently as the abuse of power. A very large amount of power lies within the government and Mcteigue emphasizes the wrongs the government does, abusing their power causing the responders see the injustice in the government’s actions. Both texts makes reference to problems being experienced in the modern world today to do with…show more content…
The main provider of injustice in the film is the government who have a corrupted view of justice. A quote that demonstrates this corrupted view is when the chancellor declares: “Justice will be swift, righteous and without mercy”. This quotes provides evidence that the totalitarian regime views justice as a merciless means to control a population. The quote also indicates the abuse of government’s power. To associate a sense of injustice with the government, Mcteigue uses complete darkness when the chancellor is in a meeting with his workers. A low angle shot is used looking up to the chancellor and his face is enlarged with exaggerated emphasis on the ugly parts of his face such as his teeth. This leaves an impression on the audience that the government are evil, and a source of injustice. Additionally, when the fingermen are at work, McTeigue cloaks them in darkness. They are purposely of an ugly look. In the scene where Evey is about to be assaulted, McTeigue uses a mid shot to set the scene. The fingermen have light shining down on them and directly on Evey’s face making Evey look like the protagonists, and the fingermen the antagonists. This scene explores the government’s abuse of power and explores the corrupted view of justice the government possesses, which the audience interpret as injustice according to the general human interpretation of natural justice.…show more content…
Mcteigue explores injustice in many ways, but one of the most prominent ways is the abuse of power. In a different way, Steinbeck explores injustice as the corrupted view of justice as giving what is due. They both emphasize the problems with a corrupted view of justice and incorporate many techniques to explore modern-world issues with justice being experienced
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