Nozick's Theory Of Justice Essay

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What kind of Justice is Superior? Justice is the most important political value and applies to the institution of society. Institutions regulate the market, property, family, freedom etc. It defines the just behavior or treatment of the people. There are multiple opinions of what justice concludes of, but for now I will only focus on the two. I will be discussing the differences between Rawls’ “A Theory of Justice” and Nozick’s “Entitlement Theory.” Not only that, I will also support why Nozick’s “Entitlement Theory” is the superior theory of Justice.
Rawls’ “A Theory of Justice” is based on the idea that society cooperates with one another for mutual advantage. If society is a matter of cooperation between equals, the conditions need to be defended and any inequalities among the social positions must be justified. However, in order for the agreement to be secured, we need to eliminate any bias of the rich or the poor, or the religious and the atheist. According to the ‘Veil of Ignorance’, “This ensures that no one is advantaged or, disadvantaged in the choice of principles by the outcome of natural chance or the contingency of social circumstances.” In other words let’s assume that
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For example let’s say that a famous singer whom people love to go watch, asks to be paid $25 extra for each ticket sold. The manager and the fans are compliant to pay the extra $25. If 400,00 people go to the concert, the singer will be 100,000 times richer. According to Nozick, this would be just because everyone gave the extra $25 voluntarily. Nozick argues that each person’s talents and abilities belong to them. They therefore have a right to keep or do whatever they want with whatever their talents and abilities gain for them. To forcibly reposition what they earn is failing their
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