Restorative Justice Case Study

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Restorative Justice
This paper will describe what restorative justice is. Reading the story about RJ City’s case study on David and Ed breaking into Mildred’s house helped explain about restorative justice. It shows that the victim is not the only person affected by the break in. It also shows how people benefited from the restorative justice approach.
Restorative justice is a sentencing model that builds on restitution and community participation in an attempt to make a victim “whole again” (Schmalleger, 2010). Restorative justice can be explained as a form of punishment, which everyone involved or affected by a crime gets a feeling of peace after all if finalized. Both the victim and the offender have to agree to participate in restorative justice. There are needs that have to be met through restorative justice, which are the victim must be
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In the contemporary criminal justice process, the community is represented by the state and has no involvement. The victim has no say about what will happen to the offender and may have many lingering questions on why this happened to them and may never be able to discover the answers to these questions. The offender may take accountability for his or her actions. If the offender insists he or she did not commit the crime there is the cost of a trial, the cost of possible prison or other punishment methods, and any other costs that may come up. There is a greater chance of the offender committing more crimes…show more content…
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